Visitor First / Client Second / Envoy Third

Envoy Media Group, Inc. as a "trusted messenger" strives to put the experience, convenience, and needs of the visitor first, the client second, and Envoy third.

Indeed, by treating visitors with respect and professionalism and communicating clearly to them the product and services offered, they will be better informed in advance of being connected to partner-clients.

This means that those partner/clients who work with Envoy will experience a high level of success and client satisfaction due to the fact that we have communicated - in advance - honestly and clearly to visitors regarding what they can expect when they are, at their request, connected to clients.

Finally, as both visitors and clients are well-served and treated fairly - and receive truthful messaging that pre-qualifies them as interested in the offers related to the products and services being offered - Envoy is able to establish and maintain a strong standing and reputation for integrity and service among marketing companies.

The Use of Affiliates

Envoy has made an internal decision not to operate an affiliate network or rely on the use of affiliates in building and developing its business. As affiliates are typically compensated based on number of sales or number of prospects delivered, this opens the door to potential abuses on behalf of affiliates regarding the types of marketing approaches used as well as the actual messaging and media employed.

Envoy Relies On Its Own Internal Marketing

In deciding to forego the development of an affiliate network, Envoy has made the decision to pay for its own marketing. In effect, Envoy has committed its resources to "dig every sale or prospect out of the ground" at its own expense. While this can be a more expensive way to generate sales and prospects, it is in keeping with our commitment and philosophy to put the needs of visitors first, clients second, and Envoy third. In addition, by placing and purchasing its own media, Envoy is able to better control the messaging, monitor the media being purchased, and constantly review client feedback reports which reflect both the satisfaction of visitors as well as the success of clients.

Permission Based Marketing

In deciding which form of marketing to employ to grow and develop its business, Envoy Media Group has committed to "permission based marketing." This means that we strive to pay for our own messaging that "filters" or "pre-qualifies" visitors in order to identify a specific need, then invites these visitors to voluntarily request a product or service or ask for assistance. By committing to "permission based marketing", this also means that we will not solicit by means of outbound telemarketing "auto-dialers" or other "dialer-programs" of third parties.

Pay Per Click and Other Online Advertising

In adhering to a "permission based" marketing model, the pay per click (PPC) online advertising model has been proven effective at determining a potential visitor's needs, then connecting visitors to related content to serve those needs, or related product and services that, upon their request, can help to meet those needs.

While advertising networks such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and many others smaller networks have their own policies and procedures regarding maintaining and protecting the integrity of their advertising platforms, Envoy is committed to continually evaluate the effectiveness, and integrity of each of these networks - and communicate clearly with each of these networks whenever a complaint is received with respect to advertising by a network, or by a partner within its network.

If search engines or marketing engines, on a continuing basis, fail to answer complaints or remedial action is not taken in a timely manner regarding complaints, Envoy will discontinue use of these marketing engines. While all major and minor marketing engines will have complaints regarding their own traffic, or the traffic generated by their affiliates, Envoy is committed to work with those networks who take complaints seriously and follow-up aggressively to ensure a high level of engine integrity and compliance.

For those marketing engines who include network publishers and partners that employ email as a method to generate pay per click traffic, Envoy has a strict policy against unsolicited commercial email (SPAM). Furthermore, we will not advertise with any media source that does not provide its own anti-spam provisions within their advertiser agreements and, in the event that any media source is found to be in violation of federal, state, local, or international regulations regarding SPAM, we will discontinue advertising with that media source.

Quality Control and Feedback

To help provide quality control with respect to media and messaging, Envoy Media Group relies on detailed quality control reports that are submitted to it on a regular basis to provide critical data and feedback reports to help measure visitor experience and level of client satisfaction.